Worldpay US and Finsync to Accelerate Cash Flow

Finsync and Worldpay US are collaborating to speed up approved cash flow of businesses. Through the partnership, Finsync customers can connect their account to Worldpay to receive fast funding on online invoice payments. Worldpay customers will also have the option to integrate their accounts to Finsync, allowing them to experience centralised, automated accounting, invoicing and payroll functions through the company's cash flow management software.

Through this direct integration, the two organisations say that businesses will be able to invoice customers online, accept payments from debit and credit cards and have usable funds within hours. Businesses integrated with Worldpay are eligible for fast funding, as opposed to waiting 48 hours or more with other payment platforms.

Worldpay US has also announced it has introduced a suite of features to its omnichannel platform, Worldpay Total. These capabilities are designed to better support the needs of existing customers as well as access to additional markets, including card-not-present and Windows-based merchants.


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