The B2 Group Announces Mobile Cash Management App for Corporate Treasurers

The B2 Group has announced the launch of its Mobile Cash Management (MCM) service. The MCM app provides smartphone or tablet direct access to the B2 Multi-Bank Integrator cloud-based automated banking integration service. With this platform, outgoing payments and incoming statements are processed automatically via secure links with the banks, allowing the automation of incoming statements, 'smart' reconciliation of credit and debit payments, real-time enterprise-wide cash visibility, automation of business processes such as supply-chain finance, cash pooling and sweeping, and controlled automation of outgoing payments via a real-time portal. Multi-Bank integrates with most ERP and TMS platforms.

MCM is available as an upgrade for existing Multi-Bank subscribers, with a broad range of cash management functions suitable for mobile phone use, and the cyber security features necessary for safe mobile cash and treasury access coming as standard.


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