KBC Launches Dashboard for Cross-border Payments Tracking

Corporate clients at KBC and CBC have received a general upgrade of their international payments capability that enables them to monitor the status and cost of their outgoing cross-border payments by means of a payments tracker on their Business Dashboard.

KBC has incorporated the standards of SWIFT's Global Payments Innovation Initiative (GPI) into its payments process. Under the standard, clients of KBC, CBC and KBC Brussels can now track their cross-border payments in much the same way as they do for their parcels and packages. Clients will be able to see that their suppliers have been paid, as well as when they themselves receive payment.

KBC/CBC will be GPI-compliant for all the currencies they offer. This covers all KBC entities in Belgium (including KBC Brussels and CBC) and all of KBC's international branches/offices. KBC subsidiaries, ČSOB in the Czech Republic (March) and K&H in Hungary (June), will join the initiative in 2018.


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