Advisory board

The European Advisory Board was established in 2014 to focus on the industry issues most relevant to the European region. Since then it has provided invaluable guidance to CPI, especially in development of the European Summit program. In 2015 a working group to examine the supplier enablement challenge was established and continues to seek solutions to help overcome this challenge.

  • Allister Mitchell
    Allister Mitchell Silicon Valley Bank
  • Andreas Hagenbring
    Andreas Hagenbring AirPlus International
  • Brian Tomkins
    Brian Tomkins HSBC Global Payment & Cash Management Group
  • Brooke DiNatale
    Brooke DiNatale Mastercard
  • Chris Holmes
    Chris Holmes KAE Consulting
  • David Harrison
    David Harrison Paysavi
  • David Voss
    David Voss Bank of America
  • Dean M. Leavitt
    Dean M. Leavitt Boost Payment Solutions
  • Helen Jones
    Helen Jones Visa
  • Jacco Kort
    Jacco Kort ING Commercial Cards
  • Marc Pettican
    Marc Pettican Barclaycard
  • Nicki Bull Bisgaard
    Nicki Bull Bisgaard PayTech Group
  • Simon Barker
    Simon Barker Conferma Pay
  • Simon Gilson-Fox
    Simon Gilson-Fox American Express
  • Steve Robson
    Steve Robson Citi