FinTech Indonesia Signs Collaboration Agreement With FinTech Australia

The financial technology industry bodies in Indonesia and Australia have signed an agreement to help drive exchanges of talent and expertise between the two growing fintech markets. The memorandum of understanding between FinTech Australia and FinTech Indonesia is designed to drive the mutual development and growth of fintech industries across both jurisdictions.

The agreement provides a platform to facilitate cross-border exchanges of talent, technology and capital and fintech company market entries into both countries. In particular, the agreement commits both parties to work towards establishing:

• A pathway to allow the Australian fintech community, including Indonesians currently working in Australia, to build partnerships and solve various challenges in Indonesia.
• Internships and work opportunities for Indonesian developers in Australia. 
• The sharing of knowledge, data and information particularly in the fields of risk management, cyber security, data infrastructure, artificial intelligence and regtech to help support both ecosystems.
• An environment where fintech hubs are the focal points of contact in each country, in particular to promote increased capital flows between the countries. 
• Exchanging member directory information across both jurisdictions to facilitate fintech businesses finding suitable partners across both markets. 


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