Vipera Launches Mobile Payment Solution in Collaboration With Mastercard

Vipera has announced that it has collaborated with Mastercard to launch SME Pay, a mobile payment solution that is designed to help small business owners to view, control and manage their income and expenditure, wherever they, or their staff, are.

The mobile app comes with a dedicated mobile point of sale device, which allows small businesses to accept payments from clients, wherever they are. The SME Pay solution also allows small business owners to control spending by setting multiple conditions on the use of their staffs’ Mastercard Business Cards. The app allows the owner to decide whether staff can make payments in-store, buy online or withdraw cash from ATMs, setting transaction limits, authorised transaction times and provides alerts when one of the business cards is used. All controls are real-time and can be individually amended on the owner’s mobile app, or on their online dashboard.

User profiles can also be created for teams, giving their cards different functionality depending on need: for example, field staff may only use their cards in-store, office staff only online. Additionally, to facilitate expense management users can attach photos of receipts to each transaction and export all transactions to excel or as a pdf. 


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