Billon and Igoria Trade Partner on Multi-currency Cards

Billon has announced a strategic partnership with Igoria Trade, the company behind IgoriaCard that allows users to make payments in 150 currencies with low exchange costs and access to a dozen free accounts. Billon’s customers will now be able to use this service and breadth of payment processing, in addition to the existing solutions built using its distributed ledger engine.

IgoriaCard uses the Mastercard network to deliver an internet transaction system for managing limits, payment history, and enabling currency exchange, in both a plastic and virtual form. The Igoria-issued cards will be held in electronic form on Billon’s blockchain platform, enabling payments in all bricks-and-mortar stores, including the use of NFC payments, as well as for card-not-present transactions in e-commerce. Transactions made using the card will be funded with e-money held using Billon’s blockchain.



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