Bottomline Technologies Expands Secure Payments Offering

Bottomline Technologies has announced it has expanded its Secure Payments solution to monitor additional payment types. The solution can now proactively monitor FileAct, SEPA, SIC4, and ISO20022 payments and provide customers with a single interface for detecting and investigating potential fraud in their payments ecosystem.
Bottomline’s Secure Payments solution protects payments across a variety of applications, channels, and payment types including: ACH, Wire, Faster Payments, Bacs, FileAct, SEPA, SIC4, SWIFT, ISO 20022, Bill Pay and Check.
Bottomline’s platform delivers protection against payment fraud through advanced analytics of user behaviour and transaction flows layered with intelligent machine learning. Secure Payments detects fraudulent transactions in real-time, holds payments prior to them entering the network, and secures online and mobile sessions and account activity, all while meeting evolving regulatory compliance.


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