HSBC Bank to Integrate Customers’ Small Business Banking and Personal Finance

HSBC Bank has announced the launch of a service designed to give customers greater control over their business and personal finance needs. The first service of its kind for HSBC in the US, HSBC Fusion is designed to facilitate account management for small- and medium-sized business owners (SMBs), saving them both time and money. The service will provide a single point of access, whether in the branch, by phone or through digital banking services, where customers can manage both their personal and business finances.
HSBC Fusion customers are assigned one point of contact for both their business and personal banking needs, as well as have the ability to take advantage of a single internet banking platform providing views of their business and personal relationship. Other key features include total balance recognition, access to business credit and international debit cards, 24-hour response secure messaging, and advisory services from HSBC Commercial Banking specialists.


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