Bento for Business (Bento) has unveiled Bento Pay, a digital payment solution that eliminates the need to write cheques and gives businesses the ease and security of paying any supplier confidentially, regardless of their digital payment preferences.

The straight-to-payee solution offers flexible digital payment options that tackle fragmented workflows and address the lack of true supplier enablement that exist today between SMBs and their suppliers.

Unlike other solutions that require account set-up and sharing of confidential financial information, Bento Pay users need only the payee’s email address to send payments, thus alleviating security and privacy concerns. Payees, in turn, elect to receive funds via a one-time use virtual card or ACH transfer, safeguarding their information and enjoying fast, seamless transactions.

This new capability rounds out Bento’s full-stack payments offering, which now includes debit and virtual cards, real-time payments, and ACH transfers. Together, these payment options elevate the Bento financial operating platform beyond its initial focus on spending and expense management. The company will officially introduce Bento Pay to customers in July.