Billhop and Visa team up to help SMEs

Published: 14 April 2020

Stockholm-based payment services company Billhop has teamed up with Visa Inc. in Ireland, which will enable Irish businesses to make payments to their suppliers with their existing cards. Visa cardholders, as part of the partnership, will pay a rate of 1.99% compared to the headline rate of 2.95%.

“Our ambition has always been to find the best possible solution for businesses to address their need for supply chain financing. Together with Visa, we have been able to compose a very attractive offering which will benefit all Irish businesses, whether they are an SME or a multinational Large Cap.” said CEO of Billhop, Sebastian Andreescu.

Billhop is a payments service provider which enables businesses to pay bills with cards even if the supplier doesn’t accept card payments. Billhop has already rolled this out in Britain and Sweden.

“More and more small businesses are turning to card as their payment method of choice for convenience and simplicity, but also for easier tracking. This collaboration provides small businesses with all of these benefits, as well as a practical cash flow management tool,” country manager of Visa Ireland, Philip Konopik, said.