Brex looks to i2c payments platform

i2c has announced that Brex, the corporate card that accelerates entrepreneurs and scaling businesses, is leveraging the i2c payment platform to power the next phase of growth and innovation.

With the maturity of its client base growing, Brex has expanded its initial offering that addressed the needs of early stage startups, to address both the evolving needs of its existing clients and a new segment to drive growth for the company. Brex now focuses on larger technology companies including ecommerce brands and businesses in the life sciences industry. Features include more detailed accounting controls, the ability to review and approve purchases, and integrations with popular accounting solutions.

i2c’s agile payment platform offers advanced APIs and a robust suite of programme management tools and controls that allows issuers and programme managers to quickly launch programmes, customise card features and functionality, and effectively communicate with cardholders to drive growth and best of class payment products in an ever-changing market.