CIT upgrades B2B POS platform

US-based bank Commercial Investment Trust (CIT) says it has upgraded its B2B point of sale (POS) platform to help real-time lending for business purchases of US$2,500 or more.

Businesses now can shop for products, choose terms and get documents to secure purchases through the platform, which is available via a mobile device and online.

“We understand that businesses have unique needs, and CIT is among the first to offer a B2B online lending product that provides self-service features and real-time financing at the point of sale, so buyers can get the products and payment flexibility that meet their needs” said Denise Menelly, CIT’s executive vice president and head of Technology and Operations.

The updated platform also comes with API technology that allows vendors to integrate the POS lending platform into other sales channels, such as their B2B online e-commerce store.