Citi Commercial Cards implements AI in call centres

Citi’s commercial cards operation has introduced IVAs (Intelligent Virtual Agents) in its call centers with the help of Interactions, a company specialising in conversational AI. Citi’s introduction of AI in IVA is a move to invest in technology that will provide a better digital servicing experience to B2B clients.

The IVA uses Interactions’ Adaptive Understanding technology, blending AI and real-time human understanding, in order to understand languages, accents and dialects.

The AI will sense the customer’s word choices and achieve a better understanding of their intent based on the context. IVA uses predictive technology as part of its machine learning capabilities and will be better over time and learn with more interactions with clients. This will be deployed in the US and other regions to follow later.

“Citi Commercial Cards is committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions, and the introduction of the intelligent virtual agent demonstrates our ongoing commitment to innovation. We are pleased to work in partnership with Artificial Intelligence (AI) leader Interactions to implement this cutting-edge solution,” said Global Head at Citi Commercial Cards Gonca Latif-Schmitt.