Comdata and RoadSync partner on logistics connection with payments solution

US payments company, Comdata which is a Fleetcor subsidiary, has announced a partnership with RoadSync which is a digital fintech provider for the logistics sector. Under this partnership, the former will offer Fleet Payment Solutions and Fleet Cards to RoadSync Checkout.

Under this arrangement done between the two companies, this will provide Comdata’s mobile payments suite to RoadSync’s network of warehouses, distribution centers and heavy truck repair and maintenance shops. The company says this suite will provide with ‘fast, secure, and more convenient way to pay and manage expenses and increase profitability’.

“The industry’s extensive use of manual payment processes has been a long-standing roadblock to operational efficiency,” said Comdata’s President, Eric Dowdell.

This year, Basware and Comdata expanded their partnership to automate business payments.

Adding further,‘with so many shortages and delays, creating operational efficiencies with digital solutions is even more critical to the longevity and success of the logistics sector. This partnership will enable fleet service providers to close the gaps caused by external supply chain bottlenecks to save time and improve their bottom line’.

In the supply chain, Scanco and CoreChain announce integrating B2B payments and supply chain finance solution.

The press release noted that as supply chain crises create shipping delays for logistics companies, ‘Comdata Fleet Cards and Comcheks will be used with RoadSync Checkout to instantly and securely pay the routine business expenses faced by truckers and carriers’.

With this RoadSync clients can avail themselves of more such as ways to pay for services such as ‘maintenance and roadside assistance as well as provide digital receipt capture, giving drivers, carriers and brokers the information needed to complete their loads and optimize profit margins’.

It also noted that RoadSync Checkout is now the only authorized mobile payments platform to digitally accept the full suite of Comdata Fleet Payments solutions.

Comdata is a part of Fleetcor, a provider of payment technology solutions in AP automation, travel expense management and global payments while RoadSync is a digital financial platform for the logistics industry and provides solutions for supply chains right from warehouses to brokers.