SIA specialised payment cards centre inaugurated in Verona

SIA has inaugurated a new specialised centre for payment cards in Verona, capable of managing every stage of card issuing, from conception to distribution, through a monitoring system compliant with the highest standards of security.

The technological excellence centre uses equipment capable of producing an average of 10 million cards per year, with volumes that are scalable even further.
At the centre in Verona, in line with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Card Production and Provisioning standard of the payment circuits, personalisation activities are carried out for all types of bank cards (debit, credit and prepaid), for loyalty cards or those associated with specific services such as, for example, university, fuel or transport cards.

As well as traditional PVC cards, the plant is able to produce metal cards and those made of eco-friendly materials, based on various technologies like chip, contactless or biometric recognition which allow the entry of a PIN to be replaced with a fingerprint.

SIA says that this initiative completes its offering of card management services at the disposal of its customers, supporting them in management from the design to the issue of the cards – also with dedicated packaging – to processing of payment transactions and the authorisation process, through to virtualisation of cards on a smartphone.