TransferMate has launched the TransferMate API, allowing business customers and software partners access to its globally regulated payments technology through direct integration.

With the ability to securely embed same-day, cross-border payments in 162 countries and 134 currencies directly into treasury, accounts payable or ERP systems, the API can handle thousands of payments at once, reducing administrative workload and saving businesses time and money.

The TransferMate API offers a suite of secure developer tools and webhook functionality, all fully documented on its developer portal. API calls include: Token-based authentication request.

  • Setting up bank accounts.
  • Adding beneficiaries.
  • Getting an exchange rate.
  • Booking a payment.
  • Getting status updates on payment progress.

The TransferMate API allows businesses to integrate payments technology with their current systems, enabling them to focus on what they do best while partnering with an international payments firm to enhance their current customer offering.