Cross-border B2B payments provider TransferMate and cloud accounting firm AccountsIQ, both based in Ireland, have announced a further product integration to offer international payments for AccountsIQ clients.

International payments can now be generated directly from within the AccountsIQ platform thanks to TransferMate’s new API.

“By integrating TransferMate’s capabilities with AccountsIQ software, we can now streamline the process of making FX payments from within the AccountsIQ platform” explained Gary Conroy, chief product officer at TransferMate.

This approach means only one login is required to make FX payments directly from AccountsIQ’s AP payment routines. All postings happen automatically and no manual reconciliation is required.

TransferMate says it can analyse AccountsIQ users’ FX payments to estimate the savings that can be achieved before they sign up. Once operational, all FX processing can be done as part of a payment run directly from AccountsIQ.