UATP Network to Offer Conferma Pay Virtual Payments

UATP and Conferma Pay have announced a partnership to bring virtual card payment technology to airlines and agencies. The joint solution is designed to make airline payments more secure and offers reconciliation benefits.

With virtual payment, a unique, one-time card number is generated for each booking with all of the transactions reconciled back to the central account. The spending controls allow you to proactively manage purchasing, ensuring the payment is only made through authorised channels for specific amounts. This ensures there’s no ambiguity about approved spending, reducing the cost for all parties involved in the transaction process.

Virtual payment technology links the one-time card number with enhanced data throughout the airline ticketing lifecycle. This brings efficiencies and control by eliminating the need for manual reconciliation of booking and payment data. The process is automatic, saving hours of back office file-checking, eliminating billing issues, making internal tracking and spend reporting easier for organisations.

UATP’s customers now have the option to use virtual payments through a global corporate travel ecosystem. The solution powered by Conferma Pay is integrated directly at the point of sale into all major global distribution systems, over 100 booking tools and 500 travel management companies.