ZICB launches suite of Mastercard digital solutions for Zambian businesses

Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank (ZICB) has announced a partnership with Mastercard to issue their prepaid and debit business cards, in a move designed to provide business customers with an alternative to transacting with cash.

This is the first time a Zambian bank will issue Mastercard business cards. Companies will be able to streamline their purchasing processes, set spending limits and track expenditure when employees travel. Featuring the latest EMV contactless payment technology, the cards will also provide ZICB customers with a globally-accepted secure payment solution.

ZICB customers will be able to withdraw money from Mastercard-licensed ATMs and pay for goods and services at millions of merchants both in Zambia and in more than 210 countries and territories worldwide.

“These products will help to solve pain points for businesses of all sizes and industries – whether it’s a farmer needing to pay for supplies more expediently, a government agency seeking to manage social payments more efficiently or a large corporate trying to better track their employees travel and entertainment expenditure across several countries” said Mark Elliott, division president of Mastercard, Southern Africa.