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27 September 2021

What does the rise of spend management platforms mean for commercial cards?

Incumbents in the commercial card market need to digitally transform their offerings to keep up...
17 August 2021

Focusing on the transaction experience is no longer enough

Financial institutions can find new opportunities to create value throughout the customer journey...
8 June 2021

Has the tide turned on commercial cards?

Recently I read an insightful article by Patrick Diemer, a highly respected industry colleague,...
13 April 2021

Mobile virtual cards can be a catalyst for digital transformation by issuers

Commercial cards has spent the last few years digitising its business, but digital transformation...
1 March 2021

Closing the payables & receivables gap requires a different perspective

With the emergence of intelligent services, it’s time for banks to make a strategic shift to help...
18 January 2021

It’s about the customer journey, not just the payment transaction

As payments become a utility, commercial card issuers need to focus on the entire value chain.
15 December 2020

What happens when businesses start ordering goods and services again?

Commercial cards may play a vital role in helping small and medium sized businesses emerge from...
30 November 2020

2021 – A conquest year for contextual B2B payments on card rails

$120+ trillion in annual global B2B spend is in play, according to Goldman Sachs research. With...
9 November 2020

Why commercial cards may need a rethink

Never before has there been so much turmoil in the commercial payments space.
30 September 2020

Unlock working capital and support your suppliers with commercial cards

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the global economy amidships, leading to supply chain fragility and...