Day 1

The first day of the Global Summit has been crafted to give attendees an exclusive look into digital payments and how financial institutions around the globe are advancing the adoption of commercial cards and payments. Attendees will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how financial institutions are tackling challenges and capitalizing on opportunities to better serve clients.

  • 1:00pm
    Registration and check-in
  • 2:00pm
    Opening and welcome
    Melissa Sefic

    Melissa Sefic, SVP, Head of Commercial Payments International, The Economist Group

    Melissa Sefic
    Melissa Sefic The Economist Group SVP, Head of Commercial Payments International

    Melissa Sefic is SVP, Head of Commercial Payments International, an organization that produces educational networking events for professionals in the commercial card and payments industry. With over 15 years’ experience in the conference and events business, Melissa comes from American Banker where she oversaw sales and business development initiatives acting as a consultant to many organizations looking to expand their brand and thought leadership presence in the U.S. She is based in New York City.

    Nicki Bisgaard

    Nicki Bisgaard, Group Head, PayTech Group

    Nicki Bisgaard
    Nicki Bisgaard PayTech Group Group Head

    Nicki has more than 25 years behind him in the commercial cards industry, working across a wide variety of disciplines and business areas from brand building and marketing through product management to processing across all segments and product categories in the commercial cards market. Focusing on strategy development, product development, business planning, technical and commercial feasibility studies, program implementation and staff support and training, Nicki has been engaged in numerous projects for card issuers and acquirers, payment schemes, oil companies etc. globally.

  • 2:15pm
    What does commercial payments look like in 2025?

    As the pace of integrated payables strategies and the continued advancement of alternative payment types continue, the commercial card business must ask itself, “what will commercial payments look like well into the future, and what is the value that it can continue to deliver?” Understanding what the industry might look like in the near future impacts technology investment decisions, organizational considerations and overall growth strategies. Hear perspectives on what the stakeholders in the audience can do to proactively build their businesses during this rapid pace of change.

  • 2:45pm
    A digital transformation success story

    Noor Bank, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is one of the newest banks in the region. Noor is an Islamic bank born in the digital era, with a decidedly progressive approach. It is reflective of the region’s burgeoning fintech scene, with support from government initiatives that promote digital adoption and cashless transactions. The bank’s approach toward digital transformation within its transaction services organization provides useful lessons on seeking the right partnerships and building systems and services that resonate in the digital era.

    Ehsaan Ahmed

    Ehsaan Ahmed, SVP, Head of Global Transaction Services, Noor Bank

    Ehsaan Ahmed
    Ehsaan Ahmed Noor Bank SVP, Head of Global Transaction Services

    Ehsaan Ahmed is the Head of Global Transaction Services at Noor Bank. He joined Noor Bank in 2007 as part of the founding team member and has successfully established the transaction banking business in line with the new bank’s objectives of being a leading player in the Islamic financial services industry. In his current role he oversees all cash management, trade and working capital financing solutions for Corporate Banking Group. Since inception, several Noor Bank transaction banking solutions have received industry and client recognition for being innovative and best in class. Ehsaan also supports strategic franchise initiatives for Noor Bank. In addition to his GTS role, he is appointed as the CEO of Digital Financial Services – an innovative joint venture where for the first time a leading telecom operator (Etisalat) has partnered exclusively with a commercial bank (Noor Bank) to deliver a comprehensive digital payments solution in UAE. Earlier, Ehsaan has also served as interim General Manager of ‘Noor Awqaf’ – a public-private partnership between Noor Investment Group and Awqaf & Minor Affairs Foundation of Government of Dubai. He has earlier helped restructure the SME business proposition for growth also. Prior to Noor Bank, Ehsaan has worked with Citigroup and ICI and handled country and regional roles across Europe, Middle East & Africa covering business development, product and sales management, investment banking and quality implementation. Ehsaan completed his MBA in Finance from Imperial College London as a Britannia Scholar, and is a gold medallist in Mechanical Engineering from UET Lahore, Pakistan.

  • 3:15pm
    Refreshment break

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  • 3:45pm
    Fintech showcase

    Five fintechs solving problems in the commercial payments space present in this quick-fire format, demonstrating how they’re solving problems and filling gaps for business and financial institutions.

  • 4:15pm
    Fintech showcase Q&A
  • 4:30pm
    A call to action: Increasing digital adoption

    The adoption of the commercial card mobile wallet and digital tools and services for corporate is a crucial piece of an overall growth strategy for the industry. But there seems to be inertia and barriers to adoption. What can the industry do to spur adoption? What barriers exist and how can they be overcome. What creative solutions have been employed? How do you balance the push to digital and enthusiasm among users with the need for corporate controls? Hear how the industry can address these questions and what the call to action should be in the push for digital adoption.

  • 5:15pm
    Networking reception

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  • 6:15pm
    Adjourn to day 2


Day 2

From regulation and data to T&E, the Global Summit's second day has been crafted to offer attendees in-depth sessions necessary for all stakeholders in the commercial card and payments ecosystem. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in hot topic think tank sessions, networking and much more.

  • 8:00am
    Networking breakfast
  • 9:00am
    Welcome and recap of Day 1
    Nicki Bisgaard

    Nicki Bisgaard, Group Head, PayTech Group

    Nicki Bisgaard
    Nicki Bisgaard PayTech Group Group Head

    Nicki has more than 25 years behind him in the commercial cards industry, working across a wide variety of disciplines and business areas from brand building and marketing through product management to processing across all segments and product categories in the commercial cards market. Focusing on strategy development, product development, business planning, technical and commercial feasibility studies, program implementation and staff support and training, Nicki has been engaged in numerous projects for card issuers and acquirers, payment schemes, oil companies etc. globally.

  • 9:15am
    The corporate perspective: How the industry can deliver value to corporates

    Hear the corporate’s view on what the industry can deliver in terms of value to corporates: efficiency; savings; reducing friction; providing working capital. What developments has the industry delivered to answer these needs, and where can it improve? Join this conversation about the issues that form the core of commercial cards and payments.

    Gonca Latif-Schmitt

    Gonca Latif-Schmitt, MD, Global Commercial Card Business Head, Treasury & Trade Services, Citi

    Gonca Latif-Schmitt
    Gonca Latif-Schmitt Citi MD, Global Commercial Card Business Head, Treasury & Trade Services

    Gonca Latif-Schmitt is a Managing Director within Citi’s Treasury and Trade Services at Citi based in New York. Gonca is on the Treasury and Trade Solutions Executive Committee as the Global Head of Commercial Cards. In this role Gonca provides leadership to a global and cross functional team of 1500+ professionals across Sales, Product Management, Client Delivery and Technology. As the Global Head of Commercial Cards, Gonca develops the strategic direction for the business as well as provides operational oversight for a global business spanning over 100 countries. Gonca has been with Citi for 23 years. Prior to her current appointment, she was the North America Business Head of Commercial Card responsible for Citi’s end to end NA card business as well as management of NA headquartered clients programs globally. Prior to her role in Commercial Cards, Gonca was responsible for Development Organizations and Embassy Banking segment within the North America Public Sector Group. Her team primarily focused on managing a global portfolio of solutions that leverage Citi’s 100+ country footprint. She worked closely to develop financial solutions to support these clients as they deliver humanitarian aid in development markets globally. In the early part of her career, her focus had been on managing client relationships across several verticals to include industrials, media, broker/dealer, mutual funds and public sector. Gonca holds a BA from New York University. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two daughters.

    Jodi Woods

    Jodi Woods, Global Category Manager; Travel, Meeting and Card, Becton Dickinson

    Jodi Woods
    Jodi Woods Becton Dickinson Global Category Manager; Travel, Meeting and Card

    Jodi Woods is the Global Category Manager in Global Procurement for Travel, Meetings and Card at BD. Jodi is responsible for managing the global strategies and works closely with the Expense Management team on the day-to-day operations, inclusive of supporting mergers, acquisitions and divestitures to ensure smooth transitions for Travel and Card. She was recently the first recipient of the CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) award at BD for sustained performance on the Global Procurement team. Previous to BD, Jodi also held various Procurement roles with Cadbury Schweppes, Unilever and Novartis Pharmaceuticals. She graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with a BS in Business Management and resides in NJ with her family.

  • 9:45am
    Opportunities in cross border payments

    An MCN’s needs for cross-border payments have always existed, and today’s commercial payments providers have responded. But the nature of business today means that it’s not just large market multinational businesses that need to transact with global businesses. The world is getting smaller for everyone, and the need to reduce payments friction for businesses of all sizes in all corners of the globe means that opportunities to serve a global constituency can only grow. What role has blockchain played? What does this mean for those in commercial cards and what does the competitive landscape look like?

  • 10:00am
    Networking break

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  • 10:30am
    B2B payments are messy: how payments between commercial trading partners can be streamlined on a global basis

    In the world of card payments, commercial cards used for invoice-based payments among trading partners have historically been the most difficult to facilitate. While the consumer card payment experience has become consistent, simple, and ubiquitous for all stakeholders, commercial card payments have proven to be anything but. Add to the mix the costs and complexities associated with cross border payments and multiple regulatory bodies, and it’s clear to see why the growth of commercial card products on a global basis has been largely disappointing – until now. This session will explore how new B2B payment technologies can eliminate the economic and ‘ergonomic’ friction associated with commercial card transaction on an international basis.

    Dean Leavitt

    Dean Leavitt, Chairman & CEO, Boost Payment Solutions

    Dean Leavitt
    Dean Leavitt Boost Payment Solutions Chairman & CEO

    Dean Leavitt is the founder and CEO of Boost Payment Solutions, the only acquirer in the United States focused exclusively on the business-to-business electronic payments. Dean is a well-respected veteran of the electronic payments industry with nearly 25 years of experience in various leadership roles at both public and private companies. Dean has received numerous awards from his industry peers and is often asked to speak at industry events. Dean currently serves on the advisory board of Commercial Payments International, having previously served two terms on the board of directors of the Electronic Transaction Association. Dean holds a B.A. with high honors from Emory University, where he served on the college’s Alumni Board of Trustees from 2002-2008.

  • 10:45am
    Changeover break
  • 11:30am
    Think Tank breakout sessions

    Sessions will be dedicated to the following topics, beginning with a 20-minute presentation followed by a moderator-led discussion with attendees. Attendees are encouraged to provide their thoughts and expertise during the open discussion portion of the session.

    • Changing the conversation around interchange
    • Cracking the SME sector
    • Automation – use cases
    • Convergence between AP and AR platforms (Cindy O’Neill, Priority)
    • Virtual cards for B2B
    • Back to basics: The value of cards in today’s commercial payments landscape
    • Cards within a working capital and supply chain finance context

    Cindy O’Neill

    Cindy O’Neill, President, Commercial Payments Division, Priority Holdings

    Cindy O’Neill
    Cindy O’Neill Priority Holdings President, Commercial Payments Division

    As President of Priority Commercial Payments, Cindy O’Neill has oversight for the Commercial Payments Exchange (CPX) ® and Divisions. She is responsible for the development and growth of Priority’s commercial solutions suite, supporting both traditional and transitional payments, in addition to a full suite of targeted supplier acceptance solutions. Prior to joining Priority, Ms. O’Neill spent 17 years in treasury management banking, holding leadership positions at Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Capitalizing on her deep understanding of the challenges large financial intuitions struggled with serving their global treasury clients, VISA appointed her as its Head of Global Product Management and Region Head of U.S. Commercial business. After 5 years at VISA, Ms. O’Neill transitioned to become EVP and General Manager at Electronic Funds Source leading the growth of its Commercial Payments business through its 2016 sale to Wright Express. Ms. O’Neill has a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Southern California and an Executive Certification from the Columbia Business School.

  • 12:30pm
    Networking lunch
  • 1:45pm
    Getting real with real-time payments

    The latest on real-time payments, with data means it’s a viable competitor with cards. But as financial institutions consider an increasingly integrated approach, is this something they should be worried about? What segments of the market might it matter in; what might it not matter in? Should it be considered as a replacement for card in the first place, especially in terms of it as a financing tool?

  • 2:30pm
    Getting prepared for European-style regulation worldwide

    Wherever you go across the globe, the industry asks, will PSD2-style regulation come to the U.S. or Asia? Will consumer interchange caps cross over into commercial side of the business? Will the barriers to entry for banking continue to lower around the world, as challenger and neo-banks continue to emerge. These and other questions will be answered during the annual global regulatory roundup.

  • 3:15pm
    Networking break
  • 3:45pm
    T&E is dead. Long live T&E!

    T&E is the bread and butter of commercial issuance, reliable with steady to flat growth. But the emergence of technologies and the influence of consumerization provides the prospect for future growth. With mergers and acquisitions in the sector enabling seamless integration, the potential of central travel accounts leapfrogging into virtual travel accounts, T&E could very well look different from years past with creative solutions emerging and creating a fresher value proposition for clients.

  • 4:30pm
    Global trend roundup
  • 5:30pm
    Closing reception
  • 6:30pm
    Conference closes