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Speakers (2023)

CPI Europe 2023 B2B Payments Summit will host more than 30 experienced speakers who will discuss the latest iterations and markers in the evolution of the European B2B payments ecosystem, and share ideas, experiences and insights on how corporates can improve, integrate and innovate commercial payments systems for greater wins.

  • Will Lovell photo BOE
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    William Lovell

    Head of architecture & future technology

    Bank of England

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    Kate Parker

    Senior analyst

    Economist Intelligence Unit

  • Anni Mykkänen EBF
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    Anni Mykkänen

    Senior Policy Adviser Payments & Innovation,

    European Banking Federation

  • Rahul Daswani
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    Rahul Daswani

    Independent Payments Expert

  • Stefan Windisch photo Roche logo
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    Stefan Windisch

    Finance treasury operations
    Roche Finanz AG

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    Brian Tomkins

    Global head of commercial cards


  • Michael Salmony photo ETPPA
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    Michael Salmony

    Strategic Adviser,

    European Third Party Providers Association (ETPPA)

  • David Voss BOA
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    David Voss

    Managing director, head of EMEA commercial card
    Bank of America

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    Chris Holmes

    Senior vice president

    KAE Consulting

  • Tom Bettelheim photo ING logo
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    Tom Bettelheim

    Head of Payments Products,

    ING Nederland

  • Helena Forest photo JP Morgan logo
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    Helena Forest

    Head of product EMEA marketplace solutions, payments and commerce solutions

    J.P. Morgan

  • Linda Weston barclaycardpayments_logo
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    Linda Weston

    Managing director, head of commercial cards

    Barclaycard Payments

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    Karim Bennaziz Houmane

    Global head of commercial cards sales

    BNP Paribas

  • Francesco Cerlienco Citi
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    Francesco Cerlienco

    EMEA Head of Commercial Cards Product,


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    Sergio Ortega

    Global cash management discipline leader


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    Monica Monaco


    Trust EU Affairs

  • Thomas Farran photo Vestas Wind Systems logo
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    Thomas Farran

    Head of Payments,

    Vestas Wind Systems

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    David Harrison



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    Patrick Diemer

    Chairman, European business travel association and senior advisor

    Arthur D. Little

  • Frank Martien photo
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    Frank Martien


    Windward Strategy

  • Nilixa Devlukia photo
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    Nilixa Devlukia

    Chair, Open Finance Association and CEO,

    Payments Solved

  • Greg Toussaint photo Edgar, Dunn & Co logo
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    Greg Toussaint


    Edgar, Dunn & Company

  • Ross Withers photo Inlogik logo
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    Ross Withers



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    Simon Jones

    Independent payments

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    Lydie Charpin

    Vice President, Corporate Travel & Spend Management Products,


  • Corina Roberts Barclays
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    Corina Roberts

    Specialist Sales Manager Issuing,

    Barclaycard Payments

  • Johanna Waara photo
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    Johanna Waara

    Head of Commercial Solutions Europe, Mastercard

  • Simon Rendall photo
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    Simon Rendall

    Head of Payments Business Architects, Lloyds Banking Group

  • Magaly Charlier
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    Magaly Charlier

    Regional Vice President, B2B Product Management, Mastercard

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    David Novak

    Account management and client optimisation, corporate cards, Continental Europe