ABN Amro’s Business Clients Face Fees for Manual Payment Services

Business clients that use ABN Amro’s payment services – mainly those involving manual processing – may be charged new fees as from 1 January 2019. This will affect various businesses, but chiefly trade finance companies.

ABN Amro says that it is investing heavily in further digitising and upgrading its payment products and services. At the same time, some services will continue to be processed manually to enable the bank to serve all clients. The bank wants to encourage the use of online services and will, for example, increase the fee for depositing cash with a sealbag. The fee for depositing cash in an ATM, however, will be reduced because the machine counts the cash. Fees for a small number of online services will be increased, either because they have not been adjusted for several years or because development costs, part of which are included in the fee, have gone up.

Fees for a total of around 10% of the bank’s payment services will be adjusted; fees for the other 90% will remain unchanged, as will those for payment packages for businesses. These packages are a combination of a current account, a bank card, online and mobile banking services, and a number of free transactions annually. All small businesses that use individual services that are part of a payment package will automatically receive the full payment package as from 1 January.