8 March 2021

Greensill files for bankruptcy

Leading supply chain finance provider Greensill has filed for creditor protection.
26 January 2021

Infineon launches employee card with Mastercard payment integration

Companies are looking for innovative ways to integrate payment options with their employees.
5 January 2021

Barclaycard launched its new virtual card platform

Banks are looking to cover up lost revenue in the T&E by introducing virtual cards for their business...
5 January 2021

Billhop partners with Visa and OmaSp to offer B2B payments

Providing payment services is just not enough to lure businesses to get on board with digital payments...
5 January 2021

GoCardless raises $95 million for open banking

The UK-based fintech company GoCardless has raised $95 million in a Series F funding round.
15 December 2020

Contis joins Mastercard in Europe

With lower costs and superior technology, non-bank payments firms have caught the eye of card network...