April 29th 2022

Brex makes further inroads in the commercial payments space

US-based B2B payments company Brex has announced that it has acquired Pry Financials which is a...
March 31st 2022

North American Bancard acquires PayTrace

The focus over commercial payments has prompted many businesses to diversify in B2B payments either...
March 3rd 2022

TreviPay to acquire Baton Financial Services

With the widespread shift towards the digitisation of commercial payments, businesses are now being...
February 17th 2022

Razorpay acquires payments startup Curlec

Companies are looking for acquisition routes to fuel their international expansion and setting up...
February 10th 2022

Banking Circle acquires Biller, partners with DiPocket

Luxembourg-based bank and payments infrastructure provider Banking Circle has continued its streak...
January 13th 2022

VeriCheck Inc acquires ACHWorks

US-based payments and technology service provider VeriCheck Inc (VCI) has announced the acquisition...
December 1st 2021

Banking Circle acquires B4B Payments

Payment companies are taking a route of partnership or acquisition to expand.
December 1st 2021

KeyBank acquires XUP Payments

Banks are competing in the payments space to reduce expenses and connect clients.
November 17th 2021

Bottomline Technologies pays $15 million for Bora Payment Systems

Commercial payment companies are looking for either partnerships or acquisitions in order to beef...