ACI Worldwide launches machine learning capability to reduce payment fraud

ACI Worldwide, the US-based payments company, has launched ‘Incremental Learning’ technology, an advanced machine learning capability that will enhance fraud protection for merchants and financial institutions and their customers. The company has filed a patent application for its Incremental Learning technology which is implemented in machine learning models within ACI’s fraud prevention solutions.

The technology ‘Incremental Learning’ models are able to think for themselves and they can make small adjustments on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain relevant even when the fraudster changes their behaviour.

“Traditional machine learning models in many cases are not sufficient to stop fraudsters in their tracks. As fraudsters become more sophisticated, we need to continuously advance our models to beat them at their own game,” said Director of Data Science at ACI Worldwide Jimmy Hennessy.

The company has more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing machine learning models and have already implemented fundamental elements within Proactive Risk Manager and ACI ReD Shield.