platform offers API-driven faster payments has added an API-driven Faster Payments solution that it says will allow businesses to pay out to accounts payable and customers in a matter of seconds. It will also report back on the outcome as successful, pending or unsuccessful – something the company says that legacy solutions simply cannot achieve.

The solution is available as an independent API or as an added service in the environment, adding pay out capability to the platform will enable customers to have a single platform for their payments. The user experience features include auto top up of accounts, alarms, additional account creation and recipient notifications to name just a few. The company says that businesses adding this service to their payment infrastructure will mean one less technology partner in the value chain.

As the solution is API-driven, companies can push funds to customer accounts and receive real-time confirmation that the money is on its way – via an API call. This enables customers to trigger an email or text alert to notify their customers’ that funds will be arriving shortly. Rich data enables users to identify payment failures and return faster responses, resulting in better conversions with customers that may previously have lost at checkout.

The Hub, a backend administration and reporting portal, gives customers a complete view of the payment lifecycle, view both the initial pay out and the associated repayment through our platform. This process is designed to help simplify, automate and streamline internal operations freeing up time to focus on their core business.