and WEX Partner to Bring Voice-Activated Travel App to Market

WEX Inc. has announced a partnership with to launch Halo Travel, powered by Priceline Partner Network, an intelligent, voice-activated chatbot for travel. Halo Travel is an app allowing booking hotels and flight strictly through voice., named as one of the Top 10 AI solutions providers in 2018 and one of the Top 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2018, created the voice-activated product.

Halo Travel is device agnostic and can be used by anyone who has internet access, via Google Assistant, which makes it accessible by more than 500 million people. WEX’s virtual payments technology is a component to conducting the purchase by facilitating the payment from Halo Travel to the Priceline Partner Network.

Halo Travel users can book flights or hotels. The intelligent AIs learn travel habits and patterns of users leading to extreme personalised travel assistance. According to Phocuswright’s The State of Voice In Travel, more than half of travellers are comfortable requesting general information using a voice-powered digital assistant. However, only a fifth to a third of travellers are actively using voice for tasks like searching for or booking travel products.