Alviere and Currencycloud team up to provide cross-border payment services

To increase their competitiveness and edge in the payments space, commercial payments have started to focus on cross-border payments which are complex, unreliable and expensive. To resolve this issue, companies are focusing on making it simple, safe and cheap to broaden their user base.

This week, New York-based payments company, Alviere has partnered with UK-based cross-border payments firm Currencycloud. Under this partnership, Alviere will provide its enterprise clients with the functionality of Currencycloud’s Spark solution which is a multi-currency e-wallet with individual IBANs, allowing clients to hold, pay and convert in 38 currencies simultaneously.

According to the press release, Alviere through its Hive modular API technology will be able to provide its large corporate clients with the ability to embed financial services into their businesses.

The Currencycloud Spark solution is incorporated into Alviere’s Hive Solution and will be available to clients both existing and new.

This month, Settle has partnered with Currencycloud for cross-border payments and FX solutions. Earlier this year, another US-based payments company, Oanda had partnered with Currencycloud for cross-border payments.

Alviere also noted that the ‘sophisticated technology behind both companies, combined with the speed of integration’ will increase the capabilities of business opportunities in terms of growth in expansion globally.

Alviere provides a finance platform to its clients and its Hive platform is a ‘single integration modular technology platform’ which helps businesses to provide financial services to their clients.

As noted on Alviere’s website, it operates as a dba under Mezu inc which is a licensed money transmitter. The company is also sponsored by and is a service provider of Community Federal Savings Bank.