BBVA Launches Data-based Smart Financial Aggregator

BBVA has launched One View, a real-time platform-agnostic service that allows businesses to control all their domestic accounts, credit accounts and cards from a single dashboard. This service, the first of its class in Spain, goes beyond financial aggregation. Leveraging big data technologies, it gathers and organises information on bank accounts and other financial products, allowing companies to optimise their treasury activity and make decisions more efficiently.

After a 5-month pilot trial involving over 300 business customers, BBVA is ready to roll out this service to all its business customers. BBVA One View will allow businesses, not only to obtain a global view of their treasury, but also to receive alerts, generate custom reports and choose the best way to make payments, saving them time in their daily management tasks and granting them more control over their financial health.

Today, over 80 financial institutions are available through BBVA One View. To initiate the aggregation process for accounts and cards from other financial institutions, all customers need to do is to access the solution and complete the registration form. The customers then can decide and choose which accounts and cards should be linked to BBVA One View at each point in time.