Bellin Becomes Early Adopter of SWIFT gpi for Corporates

Bellin is working directly with SWIFT to develop a new service. The company is one of the Early Adopter treasury management system (TMS) providers of the SWIFT gpi for corporates (g4C) project. The first Early Adopter customers will start testing g4C using FIN messages.

Development in Bellin’s tm5 has been completed. In a next step, bilateral communication between tm5 and the SWIFT Network as well as with the customers’ banks will be tested.

The SWIFT g4C technology based on MT101 messages will be made available to all Bellin customers with Release 19.1 in April 2019. With the release, it will become easy to start using g4C. Companies need to register their SWIFT BIC for g4C and select a bank from their portfolio that offers g4C.