Boost Payments and GHX team for healthcare commercial payments push

Since the pandemic, commercial cards are becoming an increasingly important tool to manage business transactions. With faster means of payment than traditional modes, suppliers can receive cash faster thus reducing the load on working capital.

Boost Payments Solutions is partnering with Global Healthcare Exchange to boost the acceptance of commercial card payments and help healthcare suppliers to work with commercial cards.

Under this partnership, both will work together to optimize the payment process for GHX’s customers and make it more efficient and easier for its clients have greater access to commercial card payments and help them with complex payment settlements.

“Boost’s suite of technology-enabled products and proven supplier enablement strategies [are] designed to maximize commercial card use and acceptance,” said Dean M. Leavitt, Founder and CEO of Boost Payment Solutions.

Adding further the CEO said it would aim to have ‘greater operational efficiencies and drive down the cost of healthcare’.

Boost’s proprietary STP platform, Boost Intercept, would play a role in which it would help healthcare clients to convert manual payment processes and reconciliation processes into an earlier process for both buyers and suppliers. Both the companies believe this would induce clients to accept and increase their commercial card use and acceptance.

“Boost’s commercial card solutions will help our customers reduce friction in paying suppliers, further driving out cost and inefficiency from payment processes,” said Rob Alcock, General Manager, ePay at GHX.