San Francisco-based fintech company Brex has acquired three startups namely Neji, Compose Labs and Landria to build its product offerings for businesses.

Neji, a San Francisco based startup which focuses on building blockchain and networking technologies for businesses has joined Brex to build security, privacy and to help Brex in product development.

“Protecting customer data and assets is mission-critical to us at Brex and so I am very excited to welcome Neji to the Trust team,” said Brex Director of Engineering at Trust team Shruti Gupta.

Compose Labs also a San Francisco based startup which specialises in videos on coding and technology will power Brex’s e-commerce product. The compose labs team will expand and Brex Ecommerce underwriting data.

“Data engineering is critical to the future of our Ecommerce product as Brex seeks to ensure that we have 10x data advantages for all of the customers we underwrite,” said Brex Director of Engineering at Data team Miguel Rios-Berrios.

Another startup which is acquired by Brex is Landria which focuses on building internal knowledge databases for companies. This startup will help Brex in core technology infrastructure.

The financial cost of these deals was not disclosed.

“Brex is committed to helping growing businesses scale, especially in challenging environments. We look forward to bringing the talented team members at Neji, Compose Labs and Landria onto the Brex team,” said co-founder and co-CEO of Brex Henrique Dubugras.