Brex to Issue World Elite Mastercard for Business

Brex has announced that it will start issuing World Elite Mastercard for Business with an enhanced rewards structure and suite of travel benefits. Current Brex cardholders will be switched to Mastercard’s World Elite program this month, giving start-up founders access to additional personalised, premium rewards.

The Mastercard World Elite program provides Brex cardholders with enhanced benefits including access to a luxury hotel and resorts programme, emergency travel assistance, and travel and rental car insurance. Cardholders will also receive anti-fraud benefits such as purchase protection and ID theft protection benefits that are offered by Mastercard. Through the Mastercard network, Brex says it is focused on providing employees of start-ups tailored access to the value and benefits from their corporate cards, perks traditionally associated with big enterprise companies. The card will be issued by Emigrant Savings Bank.