CBA opens up network routing choice for merchants

The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has enabled Merchant Choice Routing (MCR) for businesses to select which network to use when processing contactless payments made with multi-network debit cards (Mastercard and Visa), and choose any combination of payment routing choices.

MCR is an optional feature for CBA and Bankwest merchant customers which, when enabled, allows contactless payments made with multi-network debit cards to be processed through either the domestic EFTPOS network or the multi-network debit card schemes.

CBA’s solution adds another level of flexibility and control by enabling businesses to choose different routing options and use a combination for multi-network debit cards. For example, a business can set a transaction threshold limit to route payments to their chosen primary network (EFTPOS, Mastercard or Visa) and transactions up to and above the threshold limit will be processed by their secondary network of choice.

Depending on the card and transaction mix, MCR could offer businesses cost savings on interchange and merchant service fees.