Clear Books and Metro Bank partner to launch an accounting platform

Banks are coaxing small business clients to digitally transform by partnering with accounting software firms. The latest example: software provider ClearBooks and the UK’s Metro Bank have partnered to launch accounting software with online and mobile feeds and financial management tools for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs).

Earlier this month, Clear Books had integrated with Stripe to take card payments and monitor income. This had enabled SMBs to accept invoice payments by credit or debit cards.

Clear Books CEO Ruth Fouracre said that this would make it “easier for small businesses to manage their finances”. Metro Bank clients would be able to download the Metro Bank app or they can register for a Clear Books accounting trial on a complimentary basis. These clients can manage their Metro Bank transactions on Clear Books for 30 days.

The Metro Bank app would let clients raise and view professional and financial reports. Users can subscribe to the app for a 25 per cent discount after the end of trial period.

David Thomasson, Chief Commercial Officer at Metro Bank, commenting on this said, “These will empower SMEs to free up time in a way that wasn’t possible before, to spend running and growing their businesses.”