Mastercard has implemented Masterpass, its B2B commercial solution, for the first time in Turkey with Coca-Cola Icecek. Together with the pilot in Izmir, not only the sales representatives can receive orders through their connected devices but also around 450 thousand vendors, groceries, markets and supermarkets in Turkey, will be able to complete their payments with Masterpass.

Coca-Cola İçecek sales representatives can receive orders from the points they visit through mobile applications they use to receive the current order during a customer visit. At the time of receiving the orders, the payment process can be completed by the customers confirming the password from the bank of the credit/debit card registered to Masterpass. The removal of the collection process in the delivery of the product also avoids the processes that create additional cost for the manufacturers, such as the necessity of revisiting the same point in case of not being able to find anyone in charge, while contributing to more sales and profitability thanks to the time gained.

Masterpass B2B application is designed to reduce the cost of cash and the risk of cash loss, while the settlement process in payments provides automation. By using this application, delivery and the payment processes are completed simultaneously so the representatives do not need to stop by their customers over and over (such as grocery, supermarket, etc) for reconciliation or collection. Moreover, as the sales representatives do not need POS devices and all their operations can be connected through their connectable devices, the cost of possession the POS device reduces and provides efficiency in operations.