Dash Partners AloGateway for Global B2B Payments

Dash has announced a partnership with AloGateway that will allow merchants around the world to send, receive, and hold Dash and other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ether, in their AloGateway wallets.

AloGateway is the one of the largest payment processors in Asia, offering a payment solution for China Union Pay (CUP), an association for China’s banking card industry operating under the approval of the People’s Bank of China. AloGateway is also a fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant Internet Payment Service Provider (iPSP) that can acquire and settle Visa and Mastercard transactions around the world in almost every major traded currency. AloGateway serves a number of industries including travel, hospitality, entertainment, retail, healthcare, and gaming.

The support for digital assets is made possible through AloGateway and Dash’s partnership with BlockCypher, which specialises in blockchain solutions and blockchain agnostic products. BlockCypher’s architecture makes it easier for companies and users to interact with several cryptocurrencies through one solution.