Eika partners with EedenBull on payment programmes

The Norwegian banking alliance Eika Group has entered into a long-term partnership with the fintech EedenBull to develop and launch innovative payment programmes for 66 participating banks.

In the first instance, the contract will see EedenBull delivering a bespoke version of its Q Business programme to the Eika banks and their customers, where businesses get a user-friendly system for the automation of payments, spend management, accounting and control. That means business leaders can ensure consolidation of payments onto one single platform, monitor and improve cash flow, automate accounting processes while improving spend control across the business.

The platform is built on cloud technology, and integrates with external information providers throughout the value chain, such as transaction processors and accounting systems through extensive use of application programming interfaces (APIs).

Eika and EedenBull will be launching the programme in multiple stages through participating banks over the coming months.