HashCash Consultants integrates HC Corporate payments to simplify B2B payments

The digitization wave has forced many companies to reinvent themselves and has taken many forms. For some, it’s a collaboration with other companies, while for others it is streamlining their offerings and simplifying the process for clients.

HashCash Consultants integrated its HC Corporate Payments with its global enterprise clients existing infrastructure for the facility of B2B and vendor payments.

With this integration, HashCash clients would be able to have access to real-time documents sharing, automation and reconciliation will be available through B2B payments.

HashCash Consultants’ CEO noted in the press release that “Digitizing end to end trade processes and uniting all involved parties on a single network drastically cuts down processing time”.

The company says this integration will have key features such as invoice exchange and creation and online purchase order, with the inclusion of banks and trading partners and banks can immediately settle and verify payments.

The company also lays down use cases such as central banks for wage disbursement, vendor payments felicitation by corporate houses and utilisation by clearinghouses for replacing and building a new clearing system.

HashCash is a California based software company which offers Blockchain, AI, BigData and IoT platforms and services. Its blockchain technology facilitates enterprise with real-time for remittances, trade finance and payment processing.