J.P. Morgan launches SEPA real-time payments offering

J.P. Morgan is advancing its real-time payments offering by launching SEPA Instant in Europe. The bank says that the latest offering is another step in its mission to drive efficiency and add critical value to clients’ business. This latest offering rounds out J.P. Morgan real-time payment capabilities in USD, GBP and EUR.

SEPA Instant will allow J.P. Morgan clients the ability to make and receive payments within seconds, for euro credit transfers up to €15,000, with 24/7 availability and a pan-European reach. The bank also offers a single global API for clients to connect with the bank for multiple real-time payment systems.

As the solution is rolled out, the bank says that its clients can benefit from:

  • Immediate payment finality.
  • The ability to address immediate business needs.
  • Easier reconciliation.
  • Better financial control and budgeting.
  • Improved liquidity management.
  • An enhanced customer experience.