Jack Henry & Associates has announced that it is in active onboarding with the Zelle Network to launch JHA PayCenter, a proprietary payments hub that provides financial institutions with a single integration point to faster payment networks, including Zelle and the RTP network from The Clearing House.

JHA PayCenter centralises and streamlines how financial institutions send and receive real-time payments. The platform will provide Jack Henry’s bank and credit union core clients with low cost, full-service access to both faster payment networks and any future faster payment networks.

Jack Henry is currently certifying the comprehensive set of services including real-time messaging, posting to the core, data contribution, settlement and reconciliation processes that will fully support clients in a hosted multi-tenant environment. JHA PayCenter will be rolled out in stages throughout 2019 to all Jack Henry core platforms, with the first financial institution scheduled to go live in May. The hub’s open infrastructure will support product development directly by financial institutions and other third-party mobile and online banking vendors that want to leverage Zelle and the RTP network.