Jack Henry expands partnership with Autobooks with payments integration

Automation of payments and invoice management has become the prime focus after the rapid digitization in the commercial payments space as they reduce paper and manual work for businesses.

This week, US-based payments processing company, Jack Henry & Associates has announced that it has expanded its partnership with Autobooks to embed payment and invoicing capabilities into the Banno Digital Platform.

With this integration, the company declares that more than 500 community banks and credit unions and over 5 million users of Banno Digital Platform will get access to tools that are needed to provide businesses in their communities with local support backed by full-service digital solutions.

In the North American region, Paya and RECUR360 announced a partnership to implement integrated payments for B2B clients while Finstro introduces a corporate card and ERP platform.

In the press note, the company claimed that it has become the first major financial technology provider to ‘democratize receivables tools and make them a standard part of the digital banking experience’.

“There’s never been a greater sense of urgency to provide small businesses with the tools they need to improve cash flow and grow”, Steve Robert, CEO of Autobooks.

‘Businesses and non-profit organizations will be able to self-enrol to accept card and ACH payments as well as send and receive invoices within their existing bank accounts through any device, enabling them to run their businesses anywhere anytime’, stated the press release.

Autobooks is a Detroit based integrated-payments provider which enables banks to send invoices, receive payments and automate accounting.