KyckGlobal collaborates with Visa for push payments

Published: 21 April 2020

Atlanta-based payments platform, KyckGlobal has teamed up with Visa Inc. to expand the availability of push payments in the US commercial sector. Push payments method allow payments to be sent directly to the recipient. Contrary to other payments method, under the push payment method, it does not require bank routing or account number and it also offers real-time payments.

According to the press release by KyckGlobal, collaboration with Visa will help the company to broaden the spectrum of use cases beyond person-to-person payments.

“The vast majority of that opportunity lies in funds disbursements by businesses. KyckGlobal’s front end, supported by Visa’s reach and network infrastructure, will unlock real-time payments for countless industries.” said a board member of KyckGlobal Donald Boeding.