Payments solutions provider Wex has announced that it has extended its partnership with Leasing Associates through to August 2029. Headquartered in Houston, Leasing Associates is a full-service fleet management company, and this year marks 25 years in business together for the two companies.

The partnership has allowed both Wex and Leasing Associates to expand their offerings in their respective sectors. Through combined initiatives, including a co-branded fuel card and an integrated fleet management programme, the two firms say customers better understand the true cost of ownership with online access to fuel data, lease payments and maintenance expenses.

“Our job is to be the fleet manager for our customers, especially those that don’t have the ability to hire their own full-time fleet manager,” said Mark Sprague, president of Leasing Associates. “The expertise that Wex brings on the fuel side helps us help them make those decisions even better. And as our technology and data sets have moved forward with Wex over the years, we’ve been able to increase the level of detail we’re capturing for our customers, giving them exactly the data they need: real dollars, real costs, over real timelines”.