Natixis Payments and Visa Reveal ‘Payments in a Box’ Offering

Natixis Payments and Visa have announced Xpollens, a full white label ‘payments in a box” offering for corporates, fintechs, and retailers. Xpollens is described as helping users integrate a range of payment services, from payment cards to instant payments through customer accounts.

Xpollens is a co-creation initiative combines the expertise of Natixis Payments, the biggest Visa card issuer in continental Europe (20 million Visa cards 2018) through the BPCE group, and Visa. The two companies have created specialist multidisciplinary ‘squads’, whose experts work closely with individual customers, whatever their size, in a focused co-creation approach. Using agile methods, these squads help integrate tailor-made payments solutions quickly.

Xpollens is initially piloting the offer with fintechs. Two partner companies were selected at the beginning of 2019 to test and develop the range of services provided by Natixis Payments and Visa: Spanish savings app Coinscrap, and French company Linxo, a financial assistant app that allows customers to view and plan across multiple accounts.

Xpollens also provides a variety of white label services, including physical and virtual cards, contactless and mobile payment.