Ondot Systems Launches Digital Card Services Platform

Ondot Systems has announced an end-to-end digital card services platform for card issuers that is designed to provide seamless user journeys – from invitation to acquisition to instant issuance to secure payments – providing full card life-cycle management associated with the digital card in a single platform.

The digital card services platform is designed to enable card issuers to leverage their cardholder base and their social networks to create a viral effect for customer acquisition and use bots to guide users through an interactive application and ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) process. Upon approval, cardholders can complete the onboarding journey with instant digital card issuance and in-app push provisioning into digital wallets.

Ondot’s digital card services platform enables cardholders to instantly create a new virtual card number and control the use of the card to a specified time window, spend amount, location, merchant, and device. Furthermore, the card numbers are associated with dynamic security codes (CVV2) for securing online transactions.