New York-based financial services company Payoneer has partnered with ANNA banking application to provide B2B international payments for small businesses and freelancers. With this partnership, ANNA customers will be able to receive international payments in USD or EUR.

“Joining forces with Payoneer is a truly significant addition to ANNA’s services”, said Andy Roberts, ANNA’s Head of Channel Partnerships. “Business is global and many of our customers work internationally. We can now enable them to reach across country borders for the first time and at a critical time for these small businesses and freelancers who are working hard to maintain their livelihoods”.

Users can now use ANNA’s AI chat-based interface which makes it’s seamless to share account details with their customers and it also notifies payments and balances. According to the press release, users can avoid banking fees and also benefit from Payoneer’s currency conversion, which is up to 75% cheaper than having the bank convert the currency.

“We are experts in providing secure and simple cross-border payment solutions – and now, we are also empowering banks and e-wallets with innovative APIs for cross-border capabilities,” said James Allum, Payoneer Regional Head – Europe. “We are pleased to facilitate new international opportunities for ANNA customers in this way. As we work to empower more businesses to grow globally, ANNA fits right in with our trusted network of partners.”