Payscout partners with Rede Celer for B2B payments

California-based payments company, Payscout has partnered with Brazilian fintech company Rede Celer to expand operations in Brazil and to other countries across six continents. Under the partnership, Rede Celer will be distributing Payscout products in Brazil and Latin America. Payscout will also market Rude Celer products in international markets.

The strategic alliance will focus on three areas of opportunity: The first is to help payment companies and merchants in Brazil to access the most innovative payments platform in the world – without having to leave the country. It will also enable national Brazilian companies to expand their businesses to countries on all continents and, conversely, help international merchants securely access Brazilian consumers.

Payscout has international agreements with global card brands, including Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay International. In the case of UnionPay, Payscout is a principal member and global acquirer. Access to these payment rails will be shared by both companies, allowing, for example, a Brazilian retailer who is a Rede Celer customer to accept UnionPay cards in its e-commerce channels from customers located anywhere in the world.

“Together we will continue to grow in the financial transactions market, both in online and offline sales channels, and reinforcing our leadership in our respective markets – Rede Celer with a focus on the offline domestic market and Payscout with a focus on the online domestic and international markets,” said Manpreet Singh, president and co-founder at Payscout.

Last month, California-based fintech company i2c also announced a business expansion in Latin America.